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Introducing Glacial Rx, the first of its kind in Columbus!

Glacial Rx is an FDA-approved treatment that uses a unique cooling technology called Cryomodulation to soothe inflammation and enhance skin brightness. This treatment was created by the same team behind CoolSculpting.

The Glacial Rx device offers three modes of operation: Glacial Gloss, which can treat inflammation across the entire face, Glacial Freeze, which targets specific age spots by regulating pigment production in the skin, and Glacial Glide, which also uses continuous precision cooling to calm the skin, especially after microneedling treatments and sunburns.

Unlike laser treatments that generate heat and can be uncomfortable (often described as feeling like a snapping rubber band, even with numbing cream), Glacial Rx is known for its comfortable, relaxing, and refreshing sensation.

The cooling action not only diminishes redness and inflammation but also accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells, leading to a more luminous complexion. There's no need for anesthesia, and the treatment typically involves minimal to no downtime.

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